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High Power 5.8 GHz Equipment for
Materials Research and Process Development

Investigate Potentially HUGE Benefits Over 2.45 GHz and 896/915 MHz

  • 700 Watts continuously variable
    - Utilizing the new Panasonic M5801 magnetron

  • Compact waveguide components
    - Designed specifically for heating applications

  • Versatile waveguide applicator
    - Adapters available for a variety of materials

  • Familiar set-up and operation
    - Same as your 2.45 GHz equipment, except smaller!

  • Affordable!
    - Prices comparable to 2.45 GHz equipment

  • Higher dielectric loss
    - Eliminate the need for susceptors

  • Greater multi-mode field uniformity
    - Reduced thermal stress in large or complex shapes

  • Smaller single mode chambers
    - Higher cavity Q

  • Higher plasma density
    - Faster rates for thin film processes

  • Enabling technology
    - Processes not possible at lower frequencies

Typical System Configuration

GAE offers a selection of standard system components designed specifically for 5.8 GHz materials and process research applications. The following list represents a typical configuration suitable for many different processes. Alternate components and configurations are available to accommodate specific process development requirements. Contact GAE for more detail on each component and optional configurations.

GA4307 700 Watt Microwave Generator, CPR159
* Continuously variable
* Switch mode power supply
* Separate mag head and power supply

GA1108 3-Port Circulator, CPR159
* Rated for 700 Watt CW with full reflection

GA1221 Short Dummy Load, CPR159
* Good performance over broad temperature range
* Model available with coupler port (GA1222)

GA3008 Dual Power Monitor, CPR159
* Includes the GA3115 Dual Coupler (shown)

GA1019 Precision 4-Stub Tuner, CPR159
* 1/4-
l choke stub design
* 1/8-
lg effective stub spacing
* 1/32-
lg offset from symmetry

GA6006 Universal Waveguide Applicator, CPR159
* Dual side (shown) accommodates large samples or continuous flow
* Shown with GA8306-13 Test Tube Adapter
* Single side available (GA6005)

GA8306 Adapter for UWA
* Custom designs available to accommodate most materials and processes

GA1223 Precision Sliding Short Circuit, CPR159
* Non-contacting 1/4-
lg choke plunger design

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