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Gerling Applied Engineering, Inc. (GAE) was founded in 1997 to serve the industrial microwave heating community by offering a comprehensive array of capabilities to support its customers, including in-house fabrication, laboratory testing, process control engineering, and custom product development. A staff of engineering professionals collectively offer over 125 years of expertise in microwave engineering, computer-aided design, precision machining and fabrication, PLC controls and software development. Customers from a wide array of markets and industries include leading semiconductor tool OEMs, major universities, research institutes, national laboratories and multi-national corporations. GAE's reputation throughout the world for its products and expertise is unsurpassed.

In July 2015, GAE was acquired by Muegge GmbH, a leading manufacturer and international supplier in the field of industrial microwave and plasma technologies.

Our Mission to be the preferred provider of products and services to users of high power industrial microwave heating equipment.

Our Vision

The development and implementation of new microwave heating technologies will continue at ever increasing rates as equipment costs decrease and reliability increases. As in many other industries this trend is leading to the "commoditization" of high power microwave components by becoming more and more standardized. GAE is committed to the vision that microwave heating equipment will be as easy to own and operate as are motors, pumps, valves and other common industrial equipment components.

Our Strengths

  • Engineering
    Innovative solutions to unique microwave heating applications.
    - Core competency in microwave, electrical, mechanical, software and process engineering.
    - Expertise in custom applicator development, consumer microwave appliances, 915 MHz and 2450 MHz equipment.
  • Manufacturing
    - In-house capabilities and expertise in design, fabrication, electromechanical assembly, testing and quality control.
    - Individual components to complete processing systems.
    - One-of-a-kind to OEM production.
  • Consulting – Assistance at all phases of microwave application development, problem and failure analysis, safety compliance assessment, on-site technical seminars and tort litigation.
  • Versatility and Agility – As a small company, GAE can respond to challenging new opportunities rapidly with unencumbered performance and high quality.


John F. Gerling, President

    As President of GAE, Mr. Gerling has over 30 years of engineering and manufacturing experience in industrial microwave heating. Product design experience includes microwave generators, consumer microwave appliances, industrial conveyors, semiconductor processing equipment and a variety of custom applicators and waveguide components. Mr. Gerling has developed several innovative solutions for reactive chokes, waveguide adapters and transitions, impedance matching elements and variable geometry applicators.

JF Gerling

Rex Viney, Director of Operations

Mr. Viney has over 25 years of electrical engineering and manufacturing experience in industrial microwave heating and military microwave electronics. In addition to his duties as Director of Operations, Mr. Viney has spent significant time as production engineer, design engineer, project engineer, quality engineer and quality manager. Expertise includes the manufacture of microwave generators, high voltage power supplies, control systems, and waveguide components.

Esperanza Anderson, Materials Manager

Ms. Anderson joined GAE in 2004 as Materials Manager.  Previously with ASTeX/Gerling Labs (AGL). She brings 25 years of supplier development experience and 15 years of Materials Management experience.

Carolyn Bachman, Sales/Finance Administrator


Jeffrey Sorenson, IT and Documentation



Vadim Yakovlev, Ph.D.

A recognized expert in 3-D computer modeling of industrial microwave heating systems, Dr. Yakovlev's expertise includes FDTD-backed computation and optimization of high frequency electromagnetic systems, coupled electromagnetic/heat transfer analysis and model-based temperature optimization. Dr. Yakovlev is a Research Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences and director of the Industrial Microwave Modeling Group (IMMG) at Worchester Polytechnic Institute.

Ronald R. Lentz, Ph.D.

    Dr. Lentz provides expertise in theoretical analysis and microwave engineering based on over 30 years background with consumer microwave appliances, magnetrons, microwave generators, waveguide components and high power delivery systems. Dr. Lentz is currently involved in product research and development at California Tube Laboratory.

Stephen D. Schultz

    Mr. Schultz brings over 25 years of electrical and software engineering experience related to process control and systems development in the pharmaceuticals, petrochemical and food processing industries. Expertise includes PLC programming, motion control, embedded microprocessor controls and MS Windows® application development.

Stephen D. Schultz

John E. Gerling

    Mr. Gerling (John "Sr") offers a unique and extensive knowledge base in almost all areas of microwave and RF heating technologies, covering over 50 years from early innovations in industrial processing systems to the latest trends in consumer appliances. Expertise includes consumer microwave ovens, microwave generators and systems, magnetron design and failure analysis, human safety and tort litigation. Visit for details and contact information.

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